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Judah and Lindsey want to make an all cash offer on your house, regardless of location, condition, size, or market conditions. We can close quickly – often within the next 10-days, and we save you from that deadly combination of closing costs, contingencies, and commissions.

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Some folks can only afford McDonald's, while others can afford Ruth Chris Steakhouse. But the one thing neither the rich nor the poor can afford... is to hesitate or wait too long. Especially when someone makes you a good offer.

We all know time is valuable, but not everyone knows that A. the real estate market shifts and fluctuates every 60 to 90 days, and B. most home buyers need at LEAST 45 days for their loan to process. That means that by the time you decide to sell your home, you're probably already in the middle of a very brief window before the market changes again. We're ready to close in 10 days, so why waste precious time haggling with inexperienced and indecisive buyers, for 10, 20, even 30 weeks?

Do you have questions? Some people wonder if we'll still buy their home even if they're upside down or have little equity. Some wonder if we'll buy their home even though it doesn't really need much work/upgrading or repairs. Others wonder if we buy condos, townhomes, and even multi-unit or commercial. Yes, yes, yes, and double yes!

Of course the million dollar question is "what would San Diego county's favorite husband and wife investor team offer for my house?" and there's only way to find out... and that's to simply connect with us by filling out the super quick and easy "name and number" contact form on this page right now.